How to Undo in Figma

Marty Youssef
Last updated on
January 1, 2024

Need to reverse a step in Figma?

No worries.

This quick guide will show you how to effectively use the undo feature in Figma, making it easy to correct mistakes or change your mind on a design decision.

Let’s dive in and learn how to keep your design process smooth and adaptable.

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself with the Undo Command

The most straightforward way to undo an action in Figma is by using the Undo command. This command is your first line of defense against any mistake or change you want to revert.

Shortcut for Undo:

  • On a Windows PC, press Ctrl + Z.
  • On a Mac, press Cmd + Z.

These keyboard shortcuts are quick and easy to remember, and they're similar to undo shortcuts in many other applications.

Step 2: Using the Menu for Undo

If you prefer using the menu or need to access the undo function without a keyboard, you can do so as follows:

  • Click on the 'Edit' menu at the top left corner of the Figma interface.
  • In the dropdown menu, click on 'Undo'.
Figma Undo

Step 3: Understanding the Limits of Undo

It's important to know that the Undo function in Figma has its limits. You can only undo a certain number of actions. This limit is usually sufficient for most tasks but be mindful that if you've made a lot of changes, you might not be able to undo all the way back to the beginning of your session.

Step 4: Redoing Actions

If you undo too much or change your mind, Figma also offers a 'Redo' feature.

Shortcut for Redo:

  • On a Windows PC, press Ctrl + Shift + Z .
  • On a Mac, press Cmd + Shift + Z.

Or, you can access Redo from the Edit menu, similar to the Undo function.

Figma Redo

Step 5: Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to get comfortable with undoing actions in Figma is to practice. Try making various changes to your design and then using the Undo and Redo commands. The more you use these features, the more intuitive they will become.


Mistakes are a natural part of any creative process, and Figma's Undo function is a powerful tool to help you refine and perfect your designs. Remember, you can always experiment with your designs knowing that the Undo button is there to help you backtrack if needed. Happy designing!

This tutorial is designed to be straightforward and easy to follow, helping you to quickly master the art of undoing actions in Figma.

Marty Youssef
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