How to Add Fonts to Figma

Marty Youssef
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January 5, 2024

In this guide we will walk you through the steps to import and use new fonts in Figma.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced designer, these steps will ensure you can easily integrate a variety of fonts into your Figma files.

1. Prepare your font files

Before adding a font to Figma, you need to have the font files ready.

Fonts usually come in formats like .ttf (TrueType Font) or .otf (OpenType Font).

If you’ve purchased a font or downloaded a free one from a reputable source, ensure that you have these files downloaded on your computer.

It’s also important to check the licensing of the font, especially if you're using it for commercial projects, to make sure you're compliant with the font's usage policies.

2. Install the font on your computer

To use a new font in Figma, it first needs to be installed on your computer. The process differs slightly between Mac and Windows.

For Mac Users:

Search for Font Book (Apple's font manager) in your Spotlight Search bar and click to open it.

Click on 'My Fonts' and drag and drop your new font file into this folder.

Install the font on your Mac computer
drag font file into Font Book

For Windows PC Users:

On Windows, you can right-clicking on the font file and selecting “Install.”

Installing the font on your computer makes it available for use in Figma. Remember, Figma uses the fonts installed on your system, so this step is crucial.

3. Install the Figma font helper (browser only)

If you're using the desktop app, you can skip this step.

If you are using Figma in a web browser, you'll need to install the Figma Font Helper.

This is a small application that allows Figma to access the fonts installed on your computer. Make sure to reload any open Figma files in your browser once you install the font helper to access fonts.

4. Use your new font in a Figma design file

Now you can open a new Figma design file and select an existing text layer or create a new one. Then, open up the font selector in the right sidebar and choose Installed by you to access your new font.

Find downloaded font in Figma
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