How to Curve Text in Figma

Marty Youssef
Last updated on
January 10, 2024

Curving text in your Figma designs can add a unique and dynamic flair.

Here's a simple and educational guide on how to curve text in Figma using the "Arc" plugin.

Step 1: Select Your Text Layer

First, open your Figma file and select the text layer you wish to curve. This can be any piece of text in your design.

Step 2: Install the Arc Plugin

At the top of the Figma window, click the Resources tab and from the dropdown make sure to click the Plugins tab.

In the Plugins menu, search for the "Arc" plugin and click run to install it.

Install the Arc Plugin in Figma

Step 3: Use the Arc Plugin

With the Arc plugin now installed, right click on a text element and from the menu click on Plugins and select the Arc plugin.

Use the Arc Plugin in Figma to Curve Text

The Arc plugin interface will open and you'll see a slider called 'bend strength'. This slider allows you to adjust the curvature of your text. Slide it left or right to curve the text to your desired shape.

The great thing about this plugin is that it gives you real-time feedback, so you can see how your text looks as you adjust the curve.

Arc Plugin Interface in Figma

Step 4: Applying the Curve

After you're satisfied with the curvature of your text, click "Apply." This action will finalize the curve effect on your text.

Curved Text in Figma


Curving text in Figma is a simple yet effective way to add a creative touch to your designs.

By following these steps and utilizing the "Arc" plugin, you can easily transform straight text into something more dynamic and engaging.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so don't hesitate to experiment with different curvature degrees to see what works best for your design!

Marty Youssef
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