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Scalenut Review: A Comprehensive Look at the Pros and Cons (2023)

Written by
Marty Youssef
Updated on
December 19, 2022
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In the world of digital marketing, content is king.

Companies are continuously looking for new ways to reach audiences whether it be through blogging, email marketing, or social media campaigns.

However, the problem of generating high-quality content is one that many companies struggle with. Scalenut is a new and innovative way to tackle this problem.

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What is Scalenut?

Scalenut is a new AI content writing tool with keyword research functionality that promises to transform the content creation process. Scalenut mobilises cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to automate the content creation process and help you create content faster and more efficiently. And because Scalenut is powered by AI, it can continue to learn and evolve over time, making it an even more valuable asset for your business.

Scalenut features

Let's look at some of Scalenut's standout features:

AI copywriter

AI-powered templates

If you've ever struggled to come up with copy that's both compelling and on-brand, Scalenut's AI-powered templates are here to help. Simply choose a template that fits your needs, enter some context about your business, and hit generate. Scalenut will then create a custom piece of copy that hits all the right notes. Whether you're looking for a new tagline, website content, a blog post, short form content, or long form content, Scalenut can help you write it in a matter of minutes.

Scalenut AI templates

AI smart docs

The AI smart docs in Scalenut are where the magic and seamless content creation processes happen! To begin producing new and exciting content, simply create an AI doc and select a template, Scalenut will then generate a custom document based on your selection and populate it with relevant content. Scalenut also gives you the option to add images to your AI smart doc for an even more engaging final product.

Scalenut AI smart docs

SEO hub

SEO docs

Scalenut's up-to-date research data on your primary keyword gives you the power to create content that ranks in your target location. With Scalenut's easy-to-use interface, simply enter your primary keyword and target location and click "create." Your Scalenut SEO research document will be ready in less than two minutes, giving you the information you need to create content that outranks your competition.

Scalenut SEO docs

Topic clusters  

Scalenut's topic clusters promise to make you THE authority in your field. Simply plug in the keyword you want to rank for, Scalenut will create a topic cluster outline with all the topics you need to create content that drives traffic and boosts your search rankings.

Scalenut topic clusters


Plagiarism checker

In the world of online content creation, no one wants to be seen as copying or stealing someone else's work. Besides being unethical, it will also lead to penalties from search engines like Google. Scalenut offers a plagiarism cheecker integration powered by Copyscape which enables you to check if your content is plagiarism free.

Scalenut plagiarism checker

Keyword researcher

Backed by SEO powerhouse Semrush, Scalenut lets you easily find the keywords your customers are searching for. Scalenut's keyword research tool lets you find and track the best-performing keywords in your industry, allowing you to create content that converts.


Cluster booster

Another powerful integration Scalenut offers is the ability to analyze competitor content and find clusters of keywords from Cluster Booster, that Scalenut's AI technology can then use to create your own keyword-rich content.

Scalenut cluster booster

WordPress Publisher

Scalenut allows you to seamlessly publish your Scalenut-generated content to WordPress with just a click of a button. Scalenut's integration with one of the most popular digital platforms makes it easier than ever to get your Scalenut-created content live in no time flat.

Chrome extension

Scalenut's Chrome extension lets you write content anywhere, anytime. And the fact that it is compatible with Google Docs makes it even more convenient to use. Simply open Scalenut on your browser and begin typing to create engaging, high-quality content that's guaranteed to help boost your search rankings and drive traffic to your site.

Scalenut pricing

With three tiers to choose from, Scalenut offers incredible value for those just starting out in the world of content creation and those who are at a more advanced level.

The Individual plan will set you back $29 USD per month, and for this you will get access to a word count of 100,000 AI Words, 40+ AI tools, and access to 5 SEO Reports.

At $79 USD per month, the Growth plan is slightly more expensive; however, it comes with several features that make it worth the price. Unlimited AI words, 30 SEO Reports, Cruise Mode (Blog in 5 minutes), and collaboration are all included.

The Pro plan is $149 USD per month and is the best choice for advanced Scalenut users. It comes with numerous benefits, including unlimited SEO reports, a dedicated customer success manager, as well as the ability to have 2 users sharing a single Scalenut account.

Scalenut also offers a 7-day free trial, so you can see what Scalenut is all about before committing to any of the paid plans.

Scalenut pricing

Scalenut alternatives and competitors

Let's take a look at how Scalenut shapes up compared to some of the other popular content creation platforms out there.

Scalenut vs Jasper

Jasper is touted as an AI writing assistant that has been trained by the world's leading copywriting and content creation experts. Jasper offers users a treasure trove of useful templates, AI-enhanced copy, as well as the ability to run open-ended commands. Scalenut offers similar features; however, the capabilities and flexibility of its AI technology aren't quite on par with Jasper's. But with Scalenut's prices starting at $12 per month, and Jasper's starting at $40 per month, Scalenut wins out when it comes to value for money.

  • Scalenut is more affordable than Jasper
  • Jasper offers more features and flexibility than Scalenut
  • Scalenut is better for those starting out in content creation
Scalenut vs Jasper

Scalenut vs Frase

Another close competitor of Scalenut is Frase. Frase is an AI-powered content creation platform that offers users in-depth research in a matter of seconds. It also has a content writing assistant, although arguably this is not as advanced as either Scalenut or Jasper. Scalenut's AI users a suite of tools that make content creation fast, simple, and effective. And when it comes to pricing, Scalenut wins out again. Frase's pricing begins at $14.99 per month, before jumping all the way up to $114.99 for the Team plan.

  • Both Scalenut and Frase empower users with high-level keyword research functionality
  • Scalenut offers a more intuitive and advanced AI-writer
  • Scalenut is more cost-effective
Scalenut vs Frase

Scalenut pros and cons

If you're weighing up whether Scalenut is the right choice for you, it's important to take a look at its pros and cons. That way, you'll be able to make an informed decision about whether Scalenut is the right tool for your content creation needs or if there is a better alternative out there.


  • Extremely fast and effective AI technology that allows users to create content in minutes.
  • Advanced keyword research functionality
  • Range of pricing plans suitable for both beginners and advanced users.


  • AI is not as advanced as Jasper's
  • Lack of tutorials available may make it hard for beginner's to learn


In conclusion, Scalenut is a powerful SEO assistant and writing tool that can help you create high-quality content quickly and easily.

If you're just starting out in the world of content creation or even if you have more advanced needs, Scalenut could be the perfect choice for you.

It's advanced SEO functionality, affordable pricing plans, and intuitive AI technology make Scalenut a top choice for content creators of all levels. However, if you're looking for a more advanced AI writer that offers greater flexibility and customization, you might be better off looking at Scalenut's competitors like Jasper.

Ultimately, Scalenut offers a very cost-effective option for taking your content creation, and your business, to the next level.​

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