How to Use GIPHY in Slack

Marty Youssef
Last updated on
December 20, 2023

Integrating GIPHY into Slack adds a dynamic and fun element to your team's communication. Whether you're celebrating a milestone, lightening the mood, or just expressing yourself more vividly, GIFs can be a powerful tool in your digital communication arsenal.

How to Add and Manage GIPHY in Slack?

To add GIPHY to your Slack workspace, follow these steps:

1. Open Slack and click 'More' on the left-hand panel, then click 'Automations' from the dropdown menu.

Slack GIPHY more options

2. In the Automations page, click 'Apps' on the left-hand panel on the screen.

Slack GIPHY App

3. On the Apps page,  click App Directory to be taken to a new tab.

4. In the App Directory, search for "GIPHY" and select it.

Slack GIPHY App Directory

3. Click "Add to Slack" and follow the prompts to adjust settings, like setting the maximum maturity rating for GIFs and enabling GIPHY previews to see the GIF privately before sending it.

4. Save the integration to complete the setup.

Slack GIPHY Maturity and Preview Settings

How to Send a GIF on Slack

To send a GIF using GIPHY:

1. Open a Slack channel or direct message where you want to send a GIF.

2. Type /giphy in the message box followed by a keyword or phrase related to the GIF you want.

Slack GIPHY comment

3. Press Enter to search, and GIPHY will present a selection of relevant GIFs.

4. Shuffle through the options and click "Send" when you find the right one.

Slack GIPHY Preview

Slack GIPHY Commands

Slack offers a variety of GIPHY commands for different purposes:

  • /giphy #caption <insert text> - Captions a GIF based on your search term
  • /giphy #caption "quote" <insert text> - Captions a GIF based on your search term with the specific quote you include in the command
  • /giphy #1 <insert text> - Returns the top GIF result for that search term
  • /giphy #8ball <insert a question> - GIPHY will return a GIF answering your question
  • /giphy #dwi <insert an image link> - GIPHY will return a custom deal with it GIF based on the image link provided


GIPHY is a fantastic way to add a bit of fun and expressiveness to your Slack conversations. With this guide, you're now equipped to install, use, and manage GIPHY in Slack, ensuring your team's communication is engaging and dynamic.

Marty Youssef
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