How to Create a Poll in Slack

Marty Youssef
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December 20, 2023

Polls are a fantastic way to engage your team, gather opinions, and make decisions collaboratively in Slack, a popular messaging platform for teams. This tutorial will guide you through the simple yet powerful process of creating a poll in Slack using Simple Poll, an easy-to-use Slack integration. Let's dive in!

Why Create a Poll?

Polls are more than just tools for decision-making; they're a way to foster engagement and inclusivity within your team. By creating a poll, you:

  • Gather Quick Feedback: Instantly understand the team's opinions on various topics.
  • Boost Participation: Encourage everyone to share their voice, especially those who might be quieter in meetings.
  • Make Informed Decisions: Base your decisions on the collective input of your team.
  • Save Time: Avoid lengthy discussions and quickly reach a consensus.

Creating a poll in Slack is a seamless way to achieve these benefits without interrupting the workflow.

How to Create a Poll in Slack

Creating a poll in Slack using Simple Poll is straightforward. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Install Simple Poll

First, you need to add Simple Poll to your Slack workspace. Search for Simple Poll in the Slack App Directory and install it following the prompts.

Simple Poll Slack Directory

Step 2: Start a Poll

Once installed, starting a poll is as easy as typing a command in any Slack channel or direct message.

  • Type /poll "Your question?" "Option 1" "Option 2" "Option 3", replacing the placeholders with your poll question and options.
  • Press Enter, and your poll will be posted in the channel or message.
Start Poll in Slack

Step 3: Customize Your Poll

When you press enter you will see a pop up with a poll preview. Here you click the 'Edit this poll' button and make edits to the poll options or further customise the poll settings for things like anonymous voting, limiting the number of votes per person, and scheduling when the poll closes.

Once you're happy you can click the 'Create Poll' button to launch your new poll.

Customize Poll in Slack

Step 4: View Results

After your colleagues vote, the results are updated in real-time right within the poll message. You can see how each option is faring at any moment.

View Poll Results in Slack

Step 5: Close the Poll

Polls close automatically if you set a closing time. Otherwise, you can close it manually by clicking on the "Close Poll" button on the poll message.

Close Poll in Slack


Creating a poll in Slack with Simple Poll is a quick and efficient way to engage your team, gather valuable insights, and make collective decisions. It's a testament to how Slack, complemented by smart integrations like Simple Poll, can enhance communication and decision-making within teams. For those seeking alternative options, Polly is another excellent tool that offers similar polling capabilities in Slack. So next time you're looking to gauge your team's opinion or make a group decision, consider setting up a poll in Slack!

Marty Youssef
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