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Is Typefully the best Twitter writing and scheduling tool? (2023)

Written by
Marty Youssef
Updated on
March 12, 2023
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As Donald Miller writes in his seminal marketing masterpiece Building a StoryBrand, your "business has an enemy... noise." And in the noise-filled world of Twitter, it can be difficult to cut through the clutter and get your message heard.

Typefully offers a solution for this problem by helping users create clear, impactful tweets and schedule them for optimal reach.

Typefully is a game changer when it comes to creating content for Twitter.

With its ability to help you write tweets and organize threads, Typefully makes it easier than ever to create engaging content that will resonate with your followers. In addition, Typefully lets you save and schedule your threads, so you can always be prepared with fresh, timely content. Plus, Typefully lets you track your performance, giving you valuable insights into what type of content performs best with your audience.

But is it the best tool out there for Twitter?

Let's find out in this Typefully review by looking at Typefully's features and comparing them to other popular Twitter writing and scheduling tools.

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What is Typefully?

Typefully allows users to automate their Twitter marketing, making it easier to write and schedule threads and track their performance. Typefully's thread feature helps users organize their thoughts, allowing them to effortlessly create threaded Tweets that grab attention and drive engagement. Typefully also has a scheduling feature, letting users save and schedule their Tweets for optimal times to reach the most audience members. But perhaps one of its most valuable features is Typefully's inspiration feature, which offers suggestions and prompts for Tweet ideas to help users stay creatively inspired.

Typefully features

Beyond the aforementioned thread, scheduling, and inspiration features, Typefully also offers a whole host of impressive features. Here is a list of some of Typefully's most notable capabilities:

Tweet and thread editor

Typefully's editing tool helps users perfect their Tweets and threads before they hit the "tweet" button. With Typefully's tweet and thread editor, you can add new tweets, split existing tweets into threads, and reorder your tweets for a seamless flow. And when you select "high fidelity" mode, you'll get to see exactly how your thread will appear on Twitter.

Tweet and thread editor

Writing prompts

Do you often find yourself struggling to come up with Tweet ideas? Typefully's writing prompts feature provides users with inspiring suggestions and questions to get those creative juices flowing. With a fresh prompt and ideas every day, it's easy to find inspiration for your next project. 

Typefully writing prompts

Vesper AI

Vesper AI is a smart writing assistant built into Typefully. It can help you rewrite sentences, give you personalized tweet ideas, continue writing when you get writer's block and even give you feedback to improve your tweets. Vesper AI costs an additional $10 USD per month on top of your Typefully plan and you received 500 credits per month.

Vesper AI by Typefully

Tweet and thread scheduling

For anyone who wants to stay organized and plan ahead, Typefully offers the ability to schedule tweets and threads. This allows you to set specific times for your multiple tweets to go live, making it easier to have a consistent presence on Twitter without constantly manually posting. By choosing the right time and posting content consistently, you give yourself the best chance to win more followers on Twitter, and Typefully makes it easier to do just that.


Typefully offers a powerful auto-retweet feature that will help you boost the engagement on your tweets and threads. With this feature, you can choose when your tweet and thread should be automatically retweeted. This is very useful to make sure your content is seen by more people across different timezones. 

Typefully auto retweet


Twitter's algorithm tends to limit the reach of a new tweet containing a link. Typefully's auto-plug feature helps circumvent this issue by automatically plugging in a link at a designated time after the initial tweet has amassed some engagement. This helps ensure that your link gets seen by more people, increasing traffic to your website or desired destination.

Unroll threads

Want to transform your Twitter thread into a blog post or newsletter? Typefully's unroll feature allows users to turn their thread into visually appealing and easily-readable blog posts and social media posts. This turns it into a powerful social media scheduling tool in general and unlocks a way to repurpose your content for multiple platforms and get even more engagement outside the Twitter app. 

Typefully unroll threads


Typefully's new reply feature is essential for engaging with other users on Twitter. With Typefully, you can now reply to tweets, continue old threads, and quote tweets. Typefully's reply feature makes it easy to engage with other users on Twitter and get the conversation started.

Team collaboration

With Typefully, you can create a team and share accounts, invite your teammates, and accept invites with ease. Editing is a breeze with real-time collaborative editing feature, and you can control permissions to ensure that everyone has the access they need.


Typefully's analytics provide valuable insights into how your tweets are performing. By tracking your impressions and engagements, you can get a clear picture of which topics are resonating with your audience and which ones are falling flat. But engagement rate is more than just a numbers game. It's a measure of how much people enjoy your tweets, and that's something you can't put a price on. With Typefully's engagement rate, you can make sure that every tweet is driving the maximum amount of value for your business.

Typefully analytics


When you sign up or log in to Typefully using Twitter, we create a new account that is linked only to that specific Twitter account. However, Typefully also offers the ability to add multiple Twitter accounts and easily switch between them while drafting or scheduling tweets. This is a great way to manage multiple Twitter accounts for a brand or business without having to constantly log in and out of different profiles.

Zapier integrations

Typefully also offers integrations with Zapier, a tool that connects Typefully to over 1,500 different apps and software. This allows Typefully users to automate various tasks and streamline their workflow even more.

Typefully Zapier integrations

Typefully pricing

The Explore plan lets users try out the software for free. But be warned, it is very limited - no scheduling, no analytics, and no writing prompts.

For these features, you have to step up to the $10 USD per month Starter Plan. This plan allows for integrations but disallows the collaboration tool. For this feature, you'll have to jump past the Creator Plan ($24 USD per month), all the way up to the Business Plan which will cost you a very reasonable $49 USD per month.

All in all, Typefully offers a lot of value for the price, especially when compared to other similar tool options on the market.

Typefully pricing

Typefully alternatives and competitors

There are other Twitter writing and scheduling tools on the market. Let's see how Typefully stacks up against some of its competitors.

Typefully vs Tweet Hunter

A close competitor to Typefully, with a similar range of features, Tweet Hunter is the significantly more expensive option. Tweet Hunter's top-tier package comes in at the $99 price point. However, for this amount you get a very powerful AI writer. Like Typefully, Tweet Hunter empowers users to automate their tweets and threads. When it comes to analytics, both Typefully and Tweet Hunter provide insights on engagement, yet Tweet Hunter offers more in-depth analysis.

  • Both Tweet Hunter and Typefully allow for seamless tweet scheduling
  • When it comes to composing tweets, Tweet Hunter has better AI capabilities
  • Typefully is significantly more cost-effective
Typefully vs Tweethunter

Typefully vs Hypefury

Another Typefully competitor, Hypefury offers similar features such as thread creation and scheduling. The main difference is that Hypefury offers scheduling of posts for a variety of social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn, while Typefully is focused on Twitter. Also, Typefully offers integrations through Zapier to other apps such as Slack and Google Sheets, which is something Hypefury doesn't offer yet.

Hypefury is slightly more expensive than Typefully, with the top tier package being $79 per month.

  • Both Typefully and Hypefury help users monetize their Twitter following
  • Hypefury is more scheduling focused
  • Hypefury offers scheduling across multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Typefully is less expensive and offers better inspiration features
Typefully vs Hypefury

Typefully pros and cons


  • Wide range of features including writing inspiration, tweet scheduling, integrations with Zapier, and analytics
  • Multi-account management
  • Affordable pricing compared to competitors


  • Limited free option
  • No collaboration tool in lower-tier packages


When it comes to growing and monetizing your Twitter following, you could go it alone or you could seek the services of a powerful Twitter assistant like Typefully.

Typefully offers a wide range of features at an affordable price, making it a strong contender in the Twitter tool market. Its writing inspiration tool and integrations with Zapier make Typefully a valuable asset for any creator or social media manager. Yes, you do have to pay for the top-level package if you want to run multiple accounts and have the collaboration option, but Typefully still offers a lot of value for its price.

Overall, Typefully is a standout choice for those looking to improve their Twitter game.

Typefully is a tool to helping Twitter users create clear, impactful tweets and schedule them for optimal reach.
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