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Synthesia review: A game-changing AI video generator (2023)

Written by
Marty Youssef
Updated on
March 12, 2023
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Do you need to create video content, but dread showing your face on camera?

You're not alone.

Lots of people feel uncomfortable being in front of the camera, and this can get in the way of producing great content and growing your online presence.

Fortunately for you there is a new AI tool that can solve your problems.

It's called Synthesia.

It uses the latest artificial intelligence (AI) to generate lifelike avatars with a wide range of facial expressions and body movements . This means you don't actually have to be on camera and your content can still look professional.

In the Synthesia review,  we'll take a look at how this AI-enabled video creation platform can help you make amazing videos fast. We will look at the features, pricing and evaluate the pros and cons of this product.

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What is Synthesia?

Synthesia is a cloud-based AI video generator that helps you create professional video content using lifelike custom avatars. You simply write the script and your AI avatar will present it. It uses AI to produce realistic videos in a fraction of the time it would take to record video with a real person. Plus, it's much more affordable than hiring a professional.

Synthesia was founded in 2017 by Victor Riparbelli, Matthias Niessner, Lourdes Agapito and Steffen Tjerrild. The team's mission is to use AI to radically change the content creation process and increase human creativity.

Synthesia features

Synthesia offers a range of neat features to help you create professional video content quickly and easily.

Noteworthy features we found include the following:

AI avatars

Synthesia gives you access to over 85 AI avatars from a variety of ethnicities, ages, and styles.

If you'd like to create a custom avatar of yourself or a team member, Synthesia can also make this happen for an additional add-on subscription of $1,000 USD per year.

Synthesia avatar

AI voice

With Synthesia, you can write scripts for your avatars in over 120 languages and accents.

Some of the languages we noticed included English, Japanese, French, Chinese and Spanish.

Video templates

Synthesia offers over 55 video templates to help make sure your presentation looks professional and polished.

You can find templates that cover a variety of topics, including video explainers, product demos and videos for social media even.

Templates can be easily edited through a simple to use drag and drop interface.

Synthesia also allows you to easily import an existing PowerPoint presentation template if you have one ready.

Synthesia templates

Editing studio

The studio is where you can bring together all the features mentioned above to create your video.

In the studio you will see your avatar on the screen and a script box below. In the script box you can write content that your avatar will present.

In the studio, you can also drag and drop other elements into your video like backgrounds, text, shapes, stock images and stock music.

Once you've edited your video, you can easily share it via the shareable link or via the HTML embed option available.

Synthesia Studio

Synthesia academy

To become a master at using Synthesia, we noticed they offer a help academy. Here you can watch lessons on topics like content choreography, synchronizing animations and a whole lot more.

Synthesia academy

Synthesia pricing

Synthesia has a personal plan which costs $30 USD per month. This plan gives you the following:

  • 10 video credits per month
  • Text to video
  • 120+ languages
  • 65+ built-in avatars
  • 55+ templates
  • MP4 downloads
  • Built-in screen recorder
  • Up to 10 slides per video

Synthesia also has a corporate plan which requires you to contact them for pricing. In this plan you get:

  • All personal plans plus
  • 50 slides per video
  • 25+ premium built-in avatars
  • Premium Shutterstock assets
  • Brand templates
  • Audio uploads
  • SAML SSO support
  • Branded video share page
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Custom fonts
Synthesia pricing

Synthesia pros and cons

After testing out Synthesia, here are some of the pros and cons we found:


  • The AI lifelike avatars are some of the best we have come across so far.
  • Support for over 120 languages and accents.
  • Easy to use video editor studio.


  • The personal plan is limited to only 10 video credits per month which may be limiting for some.
  • Custom avatars at $1,000 USD per year might be too expensive for most.


It is early days in the world of AI generated videos, however Synthesia feels like a clear leader in the space.

For those who want to produce video content but may not feel comfortable in front of the camera, Synthesia is a great option Synthesia. It offers some really impressive features and has a very easy to use video editor that allows you to create professional videos quickly and easily.

Overall, Synthesia is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create AI-generated videos.

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