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Fliki Review: Best AI Video Generator? (2024)

Written by
Marty Youssef
Updated on
December 31, 2023
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Looking for an easy way to turn your ideas into videos?

The world of online video making can be confusing. With so many tools out there, how do you pick the best one?

Meet Fliki.

Fliki is a new tool that uses smart technology to help you make videos. It's designed to be simple and user-friendly.

In this review, we'll take a close look at what Fliki offers. We'll talk about its main features and how much it costs.

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What is Fliki?

Ever wished for a magic wand to turn text into videos? That's where Fliki comes in.

Fliki is a smart online tool. It takes your words and ideas and turns them into videos. Think of it as a helper for making videos without the fuss.

Using special AI technology, Fliki does the heavy lifting. You give it text, and it gives you a video. Simple as that.

Whether you have a blog, a tweet, or just a thought, Fliki can make it come alive on screen. It's like having a mini movie studio right at your fingertips.

Fliki Features

Text to Video

Fliki's "Text to Video" feature allows users to effortlessly convert their written words into dynamic videos. This is made possible through the integration of AI voices and a comprehensive media library. Whether you have a script or a brief note, this feature can bring it to life in a visual format.

Fliki test to video

Idea to Video

Have a brilliant idea but not sure how to present it? With the "Idea to Video" feature, Fliki transforms your concepts into stunning visual narratives. This tool uses AI voices to narrate your ideas, making them more engaging and understandable.

Blog to Video

For bloggers looking to diversify their content, Fliki offers the "Blog to Video" feature. This tool can take your written blog articles and turn them into engaging video content, expanding your audience reach and offering a fresh way to consume your content.

Fliki blog to video

PPT to Video

Presentations are essential in the business and academic world. Fliki's "PPT to Video" feature ensures your PowerPoint presentations aren't just static slides. Instead, they're transformed into captivating videos, making your content more dynamic and interactive.

Tweet to Video

In the age of social media, tweets can be powerful messages. With the "Tweet to Video" feature, Fliki allows users to convert their tweets into engaging video content, amplifying the message and making it more shareable.

Fliki tweet to video

Text to Speech

Fliki's "Text to Speech" tool is not just about converting text into voice. It's about giving your text a lifelike, natural voice using advanced AI technology. This feature ensures your content sounds as authentic as possible, enhancing user engagement.

AI Voiceovers

Creating professional-quality narrations can be challenging. But with Fliki's "AI Voiceovers" feature, users can transform their text into engaging narrations. These AI-generated voices sound natural, making your content more relatable and professional.

Voice Cloning

For those seeking a unique touch, Fliki offers the "Voice Cloning" feature. This tool allows users to create custom voice clones, providing a personalized experience for the audience. Whether it's for branding or personal projects, this feature ensures your content stands out.

Fliki Pricing

Free Plan

Fliki offers a "Free" tier for those who want to get started without any financial commitment. This plan is ideal for one-off projects and provides:

  • 5 minutes of credits per month.
  • HD - 720p low-res videos.
  • Convert Blog articles, PPT, and Tweets.
  • Access to 300 (limited) voices, covering 75+ languages and 100+ dialects.
  • Videos will contain the Fliki watermark.

Standard Plan

The "Standard" plan is tailored for individuals and professionals aiming to create videos and audio voiceovers with ease. For a monthly cost of $28 (or $21 per month paid annually), this plan offers:

  • 180 minutes of credits per month.
  • Full HD - 1080p videos.
  • Videos of length up to 15 minutes.
  • Access to 850+ voices, including 140 ultra-realistic voices in various languages.
  • Millions of premium images, video clips, and music assets.
  • Translate content to 75+ languages.
  • No watermark on videos.
  • Commercial rights for the content created.

Premium Plan

For power users and businesses, Fliki has the "Premium" plan priced at $88 per month (or $66 per month paid annually). This plan boasts:

  • 600 minutes of credits per month.
  • Videos of length up to 30 minutes.
  • Access to 1800+ voices, including 950+ ultra-realistic voices.
  • Voice cloning feature.
  • API access for advanced integrations.
  • Priority support for any queries or issues.

Each plan is designed to cater to different user needs, ensuring that whether you're a beginner or a seasoned content creator, Fliki has got you covered.

Fliki Pricing

Pros and Cons of Fliki

Pros of Fliki

  • Converts text, blogs, and tweets into videos.
  • Lifelike AI-powered voiceovers.
  • Access to a vast media library.
  • Affordable pricing with a free option.

Cons of Fliki

  • Limited features on the free plan.
  • Free plan includes a Fliki watermark.
  • Slight learning curve for beginners.

Final Verdict

Fliki is making a big splash in the world of video making. It uses smart tech to help people turn words into videos easily. This is great for anyone who wants to make videos but doesn't know where to start. The special voices and art tools make videos even better.

Of course, no tool is perfect, and Fliki has things it can work on. But its main idea of changing words into videos is really cool. For anyone who writes, teaches, or just wants to share ideas, Fliki is a great pick.

To wrap it up, Fliki isn't just another app. It's a new way to think about making videos, and it could change how we all do it in the future.

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