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Hyperwrite Review: Is it worth trying? (2022)

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Hyperwrite is a new AI writing assistant that promises to make writing faster and easier. But does it really live up to the hype (no pun intended)? In this review, we took a closer look at Hyperwrite to see if it's worth trying and how it stacks up against other AI tools on the market like Jasper AI, Copy AI and Rytr.

What is Hyperwrite?

Hyperwrite is an AI writing assistant that promises to make writing faster and easier. The tool was built by the team at OthersideAI who according to their website are creating technology to help the world communicate more effectively. Hyperwrite is designed to help you improve your writing by making suggestions for improving your style.

Otherside AI website

How does Hyperwrite work?

Hyperwrite uses GPT-3, the latest generation of AI technology, to provide feedback and suggestions on your writing. The app analyzes your style and offers personalized feedback to help you improve your writing. Hyperwrite also includes a range of features to help you research, organize, and edit your work.

Hyperwrite chrome extension

How do you use Hyperwrite?

To get started with Hyperwrite, you first need to sign up for an account. Once, you've done that, you are prompted to download a Chrome extension. The Chrome extension allows you to beat writer's block across the web as the app will help you generate content and get AI writing suggestions as you write. The extension works with Google Docs, Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Medium, Notion, Confluence and more.

Hyperwrite Chrome Extension

You can also create documents directly from Hyperwrite dashboard. In your new document, you can tell the AI what you want to write about and it will generate some text to help start your document. The document editor also has some other features such as a plagarism checker which we also found useful.

Hyperwrite document editor

In your dashboard you also have a tab called your 'personal database' which works with the Chrome extension to teach the Hyperwrite AI to write more like you. The AI will automatically scan external documents you are working on and will learn your writing style.

Hyperwrite Personal Database

How much does Hyperwrite cost?

Hyperwrite is free to sign up for and you don't need a credit card to get started. The free plan offers 1,000 typeaheads shown per day, 15 paragraphs per month and 15 rewrites per month.

If you'd like more, Hyperwrite offers a Premium plan for $9.99 USD per month which gives you unlimited typeaheads, paragraphs and rewrites per month.

If you'd like more accurate suggestions using more advanced AI, Hyperwrite has an Ultra plan from $44.99 USD per month which gives you unlimited advanced typeaheads, paragraphs and rewrites per month.

Hyperwrite Pricing

Hyperwrite Pros

Here are some of the pros we found using Hyperwrite:

  • Easy-to-use dashboard and document editor
  • Generate unlimited Hyperwrite documents
  • Free plan to get started without a credit card
  • Chrome extension to help you write across the web

Overall, we found the tool was easy-to-use and we liked the fact that the Chrome extension allowed us to use the tool across the web.

Hyperwrite Cons

We noticed a few drawbacks to using Hyperwrite including:

  • The long-form content generator did not feel as advanced as some other competitors like Jasper AI and Copy AI
  • The Chrome extension felt a little buggy
  • English is the only language available at the moment

Hyperwrite has some promising features, however it feels like the app is relatively new and needs to iron out a few bugs and add more robust features to compete with some of the other established AI writing tools on the market.

Hyperwrite alternatives

If you're looking for alternatives to Hyperwrite, here are some other popular AI writing tools:

Jasper AI vs Hyperwrite

Jasper AI is a solid Hyperwrite alternative that offers a more robust set of features including content generation, editing and feedback, AI writing assistance and more. Jasper AI is great for people looking to write both long form content like blogs as well as shorter form content for ads and emails. It's worth noting Jasper AI doesn't have a Chrome extension like Hyperwrite has which makes it flexible to use across the web.

To learn more you can read our Jasper AI review.

Copy AI vs Hyperwrite

Copy AI is another Hyperwrite alternative that includes similar features such as content generation and AI writing assistance. Similar to Jasper AI, Copy AI has a more robust set of features and templates to help you write more content faster. Copy AI doesn't have a Chrome extension which allows you to use it across the web.

To learn more you can read our Copy AI review.

Rytr vs Hyperwrite

Rytr is a Hyperwrite alternative that offers a content generation tool to help you write more quickly. Rytr also has an AI writing assistant feature that can help improve your writing, however doesn't have a Chrome extension.

To learn more you can read our Rytr review.

Conclusion: Is Hyperwrite worth it?

Hyperwrite is a helpful tool for improving your writing, however there are some drawbacks that you should be aware of before signing up. If you're looking for an AI writing assistant to help improve your style, Hyperwrite may be worth considering. However, if you're looking for more advanced features or want to use the tool in another language, you may want to consider one of the alternatives.