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11 tips to help you create SEM ad copy that gets more clicks (2023)

Written by
Marty Youssef
Updated on
December 2, 2022
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Ever wondered how to create SEM ad copy that gets a tonne of clicks?

Well, creating SEM ad copy is all about writing something that stands out from your competitors. It should be creative, informative and engaging in order to draw customers.

In this article, we will share with you our 11 tips for creating SEM ad copy to help you increase your click through rates and get more visitors on your landing pages who will convert to customers.

1. Understand your target audience

One of the most important aspects of creating SEM ad copy is understanding who you are targeting and what problem you are solving for them. If you create an ad copy that speaks to the right audience, then it will create more engagement and clicks.

2. Include target keywords

When writing SEM ads, it’s essential to include the right keywords so that the ads show up when people search for those terms. Using relevant keywords can also help create messages that stand out because they will be tailored to what people are looking for.

3. Study your competitor's ads

Studying your competitors’ ads can help create an ad that stands out and grabs attention. Take a look at their messages and see what they are doing right, then create an ad that offers something different or better. Some popular tools that can help you see your competitor's ads include:

4. Use AI copywriting tools

AI copywriting tools can help create unique, eye-catching ad copy that stands out from your competitors. These tools use machine learning techniques to generate SEM ad copy for you in only a matter of minutes. Some of the popular AI tools on the market include:

5. AB test your headlines

Unless you are lucky enough to create an ad with a perfect headline from the start, it’s always worth testing out different headlines to see which one has the highest click-through rate. A/B testing will help identify which headline is more effective in driving traffic and can be used to create the most successful SEM ad copy for your campaigns

AB testing is a great way to create headlines for your SEM ads that really stand out. By testing different headlines, you can find what works best and create one that will grab attention from potential customers.

6. Include an offer or discount

Adding an offer or discount in the ad copy can help increase clicks on your ad as people are always looking for a good deal. This type of promotion could be anything from free shipping to a percentage off their purchase.

7. Include statistics or numbers

Adding statistics or numbers to your SEM ad copy can help you look more credible and builds trust immediately with your audience. For example, if you write something like "Our product is used by 70% of Fortune 500 companies" you instantly give your audience confidence that your product is reliable. You should obviously only use statistics that are factual and not make up.

8. Create a sense of urgency

Creating a sense of urgency can be an effective tool to encourage people to click on your ad. This could be using phrases such as “limited time only” or “only while stocks last” which create the impression that they have to act quickly if they want to take advantage of the offer.

9. Include a call-to-action (CTA)

A call-to-action is a must in any SEM ad copy. It gives your audience guidance as to what they should do if they are interested. It should be clear, concise and encourage your audience to take the next step. This could be “sign up now”, “learn more” or even “get started today”.

10. Make sure you ad copy matches your landing page copy

Your SEM ad copy should grab attention and build some interest. Your landing page should then continue to build this interest and desire from your visitors. They should then take action on your landing page and become a lead or customer. To successfully convert your customers through this journey you need to make sure that your ad and landing page copy is consistent.

11. Check for grammar and spelling

It’s important to double-check your SEM ad copy for any grammar or spelling mistakes before publishing. These can create a bad impression and make you appear untrustworthy. A few minutes of extra work could save you from embarrassment in the future.

Final thoughts

Creating effective SEM ad copy takes time and practice but with these tips, you should have a good starting point for creating successful campaigns that drive traffic and generate leads or customers. Make sure to track your performance through metrics such as click-through rate, cost per click and ROI to create better ads in the future. Good luck!

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